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Tankie Attack

By Coconut Game


Use A-D Keys / Left Joystick to control the tank's rotation. Use Left - Right Arrow Keys / Right Joystick to control the turret's rotation


Welcome to the adrenaline-fueled world of Tankie Attack, where you'll immerse yourself in the heart-pounding experience of tank warfare! Strap yourself into the driver's seat of a formidable tank, and prepare to unleash devastating firepower as you navigate through enemy territory and engage in intense and action-packed battles. In Tankie Attack, you are the commander of a powerful war machine, and your mission is clear: obliterate enemy tanks, crush enemy defenses, and assert your dominance on the battlefield. As you progress, you'll encounter increasingly challenging foes and treacherous terrain, putting your tank piloting skills and strategic acumen to the ultimate test. Collect power-ups scattered across the battlefield to bolster your tank's capabilities. From enhanced armor and rapid-fire cannons to high-velocity missiles and advanced targeting systems, each power-up grants you a tactical advantage against your adversaries.