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Jelly Shield

By Coconut Game


Swipe or use A-D or Left Arrow - Right Arrow keys to rotate the shields. Touch and use joystick or use WASD or Arrow keys to control the king


Welcome to the enchanting and captivating world of Jelly Shield! Get ready to embark on a delightful adventure where you lead an adorable army of jelly beings, collecting humans on your platform to expand your ranks and build a thriving kingdom. In Jelly Shield, you take on the role of a benevolent ruler, guiding your jelly army through vibrant and whimsical landscapes. Your mission is to gather as many humans as possible onto your platform, growing your army and strengthening your influence. But beware, for enemies lurk in the shadows, eager to disrupt your plans. Fear not, for you wield the power of the Jelly Shield! Use your jelly shield to protect your army from enemy attacks, ensuring the safety of your precious recruits.