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Printing Machine

By Coconut Game


Space or hold the left mouse button = to move the machine and print money Left mouse button = to interact with objects and UI in the Idle Shop


Welcome to the thrilling world of Printing Machine, where you'll embark on a delicious and lucrative journey as a savvy restaurant manager and budding entrepreneur! In this casual simulation game, your goal is to manage a variety of restaurants while strategically printing money to expand and develop your culinary empire. As the mastermind behind multiple restaurants, you'll be in charge of ensuring their success and profitability. The Printing Machine at your disposal allows you to generate income, which you can then reinvest to buy new stations and start selling an array of delectable foods. From mouthwatering pizzas to scrumptious burgers and exotic sushi, the possibilities are endless! With each restaurant you manage, your income multiplies, and you'll soon find yourself rolling in dough. But beware, managing multiple restaurants is no piece of cake! You'll need to strategize and make wise decisions to optimize your profits and stay ahead of the competition.