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Mug Stack

By Coconut Game


Swipe on the screen or use A-D or Left and Right Arrow Keys to move the player


Welcome to the creative and immersive world of Mug Stack, where you'll embark on a journey of pottery artistry like never before! Get ready to showcase your stacking and carving skills as you craft beautiful clay mugs on a dynamic and interactive platform. In Mug Stack, you are the master potter, and your mission is to stack all the clay mugs on the platform, creating impressive and eye-catching arrangements. But first, you must use the carve machines to carefully carve intricate designs and patterns onto the mugs, adding a touch of uniqueness to each creation. Next, pass the mugs through the press machine to put them in shape, ensuring they are perfectly formed and ready for the next step of the process. Once they are prepped and shaped, use the fire to transform the clay mugs into durable and stunning works of art. The firing process will bring out the true beauty of your mugs, making them ready to be used or displayed with pride.