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Moonwalk Survive

By Coconut Game


Swipe on the screen or use A - D keys to move the character


Step into the shoes of the legendary King of Pop in "Moonwalk of the Dead," an electrifying and unique zombie survival game! Channel your inner Michael Jackson as you moonwalk and dance your way through hordes of zombies, armed with your favorite weapon – smooth moves! In this thrilling and unconventional game, you'll face relentless waves of zombies, but fear not! Your dance moves are your ultimate weapon. Defeat the undead with flair and style, combining your iconic moonwalk with mesmerizing dance routines to stun and outmaneuver your zombie foes. As you progress through the game, unleash powerful dance combos that clear the undead with dazzling choreography, all while the infectious beats of Michael Jackson's greatest hits keep you moving and grooving.