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Fortress Defence

By Coconut Game


Tap on the UI elements to make actions!


Welcome to Fortress Defence, the ultimate tower defense experience that will test your strategic prowess and tactical skills! In this captivating game, you find yourself at the heart of an ancient realm, where your fortress stands as the last bastion against hordes of merciless invaders. As the commander of the fortress, you must carefully plan and place an array of defensive towers to fend off waves of relentless enemies. Each tower boasts unique abilities and strengths, from the steadfast Arrow Towers that rain down lethal volleys on foes from a distance to the formidable Cannon Towers that unleash devastating explosive power upon those who dare approach. But towers alone won't secure victory – you possess incredible abilities that can turn the tide of battle in your favor. Harness the elements with the Mage's Firestorm, engulfing adversaries in flames, or summon the Earth Golem, a colossal defender that crushes all opposition in its path. The power to decide the fate of your fortress lies in your hands!